Stephen Oldroyd started his career at Goldman Sach's investment banking division working both in London & New York. Following on from this, Stephen completed an MBA at INSEAD and is now Head of Strategy at Adzuna & the General Manager of Work in Startups. Adzuna operates a search engine for classified ads with over 10m visitiors per month and has been backed by Smedvig, Index & Passion Capital. Adzuna acquired Work in Startups in 2018, which is the UK's largest & fastest growing startup jobs platform.

When Unicorns Fly | Episode 2
How to attract and engage the best talent on job platforms

In this episode, we are joined by Stephen Oldroyd taking us through the end-to-end process of startup hiring including creating a job specification, ensuring it gets maximum exposure and then subsequently filtering through the applicants. We will be discussing:

  • The importance of the first hires in a business

  • How to write an engaging job specification

  • Using multiple platforms/job boards to maximise exposure

  • How to use social media effectively

  • Key considerations when budgeting for recruitment

  • Applicant tracking systems (ATS) and candidate screening



  • Intro
  • 1.20: Background to Adzuna & Work in Startups
  • 4.15: Importance of first hires
  • 4.45: Writing a good job specification
  • 7.50: Emphasising the uniqueness of the company
  • 11.00: Power of job perks
  • 12.30: Using job boards to get maximum exposure
  • 15.30: Screening CVs
  • 16.10: Using social media to promote the job ad
  • 18.50: Using your own network
  • 19.40: Putting money behind recruitment
  • 23.50: Using keywords to optimise the job ad
  • 26.45: Industry overview & hiring strategy
  • 28.10: Applicant tracking systems (ATS) & when to use them
  • 31.40: Wrap-up