Jeff Lynn is the executive Chairman and Co-Founder of Seedrs, the UK's largest and leading equity crowdfunding site. Jeff started his career as a corporate lawyer and now holds various senior leadership roles at the likes of The Coalition for a Digital Economy and the European Crowdfunding Network.

When Unicorns Fly | Episode 5
The ideal equity crowdfunding journey and how to avoid not reaching your funding target

In this episode, we are joined by Jeff Lynn whereby we discuss whether crowdfunding is right for your business and then move onto how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign. We cover the following:

  • The key benefits and potential risks of crowdfunding

  • How crowdfunding fits into the overall fundraising process

  • Deciding what fundraising target to set & company valuation

  • How to make your campaign as attractive as possible to investors

  • Company document requirements and disclosure of data

  • What happens if you miss your fundraising target

  • Seedrs fees



  • Intro
  • 2.45: Inspiration to found Seedrs
  • 4.50: Is crowdfunding right for your business?
  • 7.30: Crowdfunding and smart money
  • 9:37: Key benefits of crowdfunding
  • 11.10: How crowdfunding fits into the overall fundraising process
  • 11.55: Risks & considerations before proceeding with a crowdfunding campaign
  • 13.20: Seedrs fees
  • 13.45: How to capture an investors attention
  • 17.30: Proportion of private investment recommended pre-launch
  • 18.30: How to set a target for fundraise amount & valuation
  • 21.57: Investor documents required
  • 23.00: Public vs private disclosure of company information
  • 25.20: Real time data & investment
  • 27.15: Reporting post-fundraise
  • 29.33: The process if you don't hit your crowdfunding target
  • 31.25: Campaign promotion
  • 33.10: Seedrs vs Crowdcube
  • 36.12: Wrap-up